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Take control of your workday.

Make your time more efficient because we know every minute counts. Our software will help users find, learn and adapt to Excel shortcuts.

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Main Features

QuickCel increases productivity through an interactive and easy to use software.

Be Quick.

Efficiency is key. Become an Excel pro by utilizing keyboard shortcuts rather than cumbersome and time-consuming mouse clicks.

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Get Time back

Using a mouse is time consuming and inaccurate. Not only do keyboard shortcuts make your job easier, but faster too!

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Unlock Achievements

Learn as you go. QuickCel tracks your progress and sets achievable milestones that are satisfying and fun to reach!

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What is Quickcel? 

Quickcel is an application that helps improve efficiency when working in Excel. Our program will encourage you to forget the mouse and start utilizing your keyboard shortcuts to create a better workflow. Picking up the speed of productivity can help you advance your career, your team and your skills. 

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Analytics Dashboard 

Our Analytics Dashboard is the hub of Quickcel. Track progress, view achievements, and follow progress though the easy-to-use interface. 


Our non intrusive prioritizes your workflow. Therefore, we keep Quickcel in the background letting you focus on your valuable work. 

Visualize Your Data

Track usage, efficiency, and speed over time though our easy to use, visual dashboard. 

Learn Key Commands

Within Quickcel, users will be given new key command tasks to increase efficiency. After they adopt a new key command, it’s acknowledged within the web interface and they’re rewarded.

Love Your Work

With Quickcel, individuals will not only learn new techniques to increase efficiency, but will have fun learning, practicing and perfecting their skills .

Increase Efficiency

After reaching a certain amount of badges, users could even earn certificates. 
For managers, you get a read out of your team’s efficiency. 
It’s a win-win situation making it enjoyable but also having real impact on productivity.

Nick Litz

"We built this product to make Excel more exciting, but more importantly to make people quicker when using it. Increasing efficiency means shorter work hours and more time with the family."

// creator of QUICKCEL
The Start of Quickcel

After years of loving his work and caring about those who worked for him, Nick decided there had to be a way to improve business efficiency as well as a work-life balance. As a manager, Nick delegated this work, expecting it to take a couple of hours but they would be working through it 4 to 5 days later. He recognized people weren’t making it home to dinner with their families or their relationships were being strained with their higher-ups due to the amount of time it took to complete tasks. Excel has many shortcuts to help its users, it’s just a matter of learning how to utilize them. Then came Quickcel, a software that encourages and teaches its users to use their keyboards to improve productivity. 

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